Ajebutter 22 is a Nigerian performer. Born Akitoye Balogun, he was educated in Lagos for his primary and secondary school and then attended the University of Leeds for tertiary education. Michael Jackson, Heavy D, Mariah Carey are some of his influences.

Ajebutter 22 was a member of duo Soyinka’s Afro, with his sister Taymi, releasing ‘Ko Easy’ in 2010. The group was based in the UK. After his sister/band member relocated to Nigeria, he went solo. The release of ‘Omo Pastor’ (2012), a comically delivered song about a pastor’s daughter shenanigans announced his music to the Nigerian audience. The song ‘Senrere’ also achieved considerable airplay.

The song was a single from the album ‘Anytime Soon’ which was released two years later. ‘Anytime Soon’ was done in collaboration with producer Studio Magic.